Jordyn Morgan Foundation

How JMMF Started

The Jordyn Morgan Memorial Foundation was founded in 2019 when Michael and Nichole Morgan wanted a way to memorialize their young daughter Jordyn, who passed away after a long battle with multiple medical issues. When the Morgan’s first started to think about what they wanted to do to help after Jordyn passed away the foundation quickly came to the fore front. From the beginning the foundation was formed to help families that are going through exactly what the Morgan did.

Having a medically fragile child is a daily grind for parents and siblings. Not only is it a physical challenge it’s a mental challenge day in and out. The foundation was formed to be a sounding board for these families as well. Just someone to listen to or ask questions. Having someone that has gone through these types of events to talk to is an invaluable tool. The foundation is always there for families. 

We will help you with expensive medical equipment that you can’t afford or the insurance company tells you no. We want to help unburden the daily struggle of equipment or anything you need. 

Not only in the daily grind of caring for a child, parents then have to deal with health insurance companies that really do not have any clue with what you are going through. Families will be constantly told “no” or “you don’t qualify.” Those are super frustrating words to hear or read on a daily basis. The Jordyn Morgan Memorial Foundation is there for families that keep getting told no. 

The final goal for the foundation is to keep Jordyn’s name on the top of everyone’s mind. Jordyn never said a word but through her perseverance and her daily fight to stay alive has been a form motivation for people. We want all families to know that even though some days seem like you can’t get through it remember that the sun will always come up the next day and you have a chance to be better than you were the day before. You can get through anything with love and perseverance and you can do anything you put your mind to. And just remember that we are all #jordystrong

Jordyn Morgan Memorial Foundation

About the Foundation

Mike Morgan joins Brian French and Dave Penning of Game 7 Baseball on YSAM to talk about the foundation.

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