Jordyn Michael Morgan

Meet Jordyn

Jordyn Michael Morgan was born a perfectly healthy baby on July 17, 2014 to her parents, Mike and Nichole Morgan. She was the fourth of four children and the whole family was so happy to add another baby sister. 

But on November 3, 2014, the life of Jordyn Morgan and her whole family changed forever. The previously perfectly healthy three-month old would suffer a heart disease that forced her to be rushed to St. Louis Children's Hospital. For hours numerous doctors worked to save her life. Later that same night,  Michael and Nichole had to make a decision to put Jordyn and ECMO machine which was a life-saving machine that was used to give her heart a “rest” and try to recover.

After five grueling, touch and go days of being on the machine the strong little girl survived as heart recovered. It seemed like Jordyn was going to recover and would once again become a perfectly normal little girl again. But unfortunately for her, that was not the case.

Jordyn would develop feeding issues and eventually breathing issues. In June of 2015, Michael and Nichole were once again forced to make decision to save Jordyn's life. Jordyn underwent a tracheostomy to help her breath and stay alive. That day once again would change her and the whole family’s life.

But maybe the most important aspect of this journey, was no one knew what was causing these issues. Over the next 12 months, Jordyn would undergo many procedures and tests to see what could be the issue. No doctor could ever diagnose her illness.

On November 21, 2018 Jordyn gained her angel wings with her mom and dad by her side. Some people would say that she lost her battle but she didn’t lose at all. She fought each and every day all the way to her last breath.

Jordyn was a very special little girl who was an inspiration for so many people. Though her time on this earth was short, she managed to touch the hearts of so many people. For more than four years, this powerful little girl fought for her life every single day. Though she never spoke a word, she spoke through her fight.

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