Who We Have Helped

The Foundation could not do what we do without the many people who have participated in our events and have donated. Every time we get to help a family it makes the family very happy. Thank you all again for the help!!!

Ava Crawford

Ava Crawford is first grader at St. Peters Elementary where she is a proud member of the choir. Ava was diagnosed with ARFID, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in the summer of 2022. She's had her button for 4 months, she previously had NG tube. She's struggled with food intake but doesn't let it stop her. She has a great spirit, is a great listener, she loves to dance, do gymnastics and play Roblox with her friends. To make things as easy as we can the foundation purchased an extra food pump for Ava the she can transport to and from school and make her life just a little easier!

Jerzi Armstrong

Jerzi is a very special young lady who went through a emergency heart transplant in 2022. Jerzi and her family have been contributors to the foundation since the start. It was nice to be able to give back and help them in just a little way. 

Grant & Sebastian

Grant & Sebastian are 9 year old twins who absolutely love life and include as many people as they can in their journey. They both have a rare genetic condition called Propionic Acidemia that affects many different aspects of their lives and parts of their bodies.With the help of our trivia night we were able to help the boys with swimming lessons. Swimming is one thing that the boys love to do and now they can do it safely.

Arie Oler and Oakley

Arie Oler is a strong little girl who went to the same school as Jordyn. Arie suffers from spastic quad CP as well as seizures. Arie's mom, Ayla Oler, and Nichole quickly became friends and would see each other everyday at school pickup. Our kids loved seeing Arie. As a foundation we were able to help pay for the training of Arie's service dog, Oakley.

Baking Memories for Kids

Jordyn was gifted a trip of a lifetime from an unreal organization but unfortunately she was not able to go because she passed. But as a family we never would forget, as the rest of the family got to go in her memory. A group of family members and friends all teamed up for a bake sale to help pay for a family to go on a trip of a lifetime.

Camryn Coughlin

Camryn was 7 years old when he was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy. There is no cure for this disease. Camryn was in need of a new chair that he could sit in and relax. And of course the insurance company told the family he was not eligible for a new one. That is where JMMF came in. We were so excited to be able to deliver Camryn's new chair and we hope he loves it.


Through the Adam Morgan Foundations Apple A Day Program we were able to help buy Christina a new iPad to help her communicate and get through the day a little easier.


Along with the Adam Morgan Foundation we were able to help purchase an iPad for Zephany.

Ashley Witthohn

Please meet this beautiful little girl, Ashley Witthohn. Ashley has been diagnosed with quadriplegic dystonic/spastic cerebral palsy. She has an identical twin and they were born at 31 weeks. Ashley was in need of a new wheelchair. And of course, insurance denied it. JMMF was able to help the family get that new wheelchair.